Here was a bright day,

With me longing for something to do,

Thoughts kept flooding in,

Patterns kept taking shapes,

But I was at a loss for something to do!



Idea struck me at a lightning’s pace,

A stroll across the forest path wasn’t a bad idea after all!

Humming to myself,

Relishing the scent of soil,

Laughing at the merriment of birds,

I made my way further.



I stopped, for,

Lying in front of me,

Was a monkey’s kid!

Numbed I was, for it lay unconscious.



I witnessed,

A group of monkeys circling it,

Licking it, massaging it,

Communicating to it,

Come on dear, Wake up!

Do not lie there for you belong here amongst us!

One moment it lay unconscious,

As though lost to the world,

The next, it sprang back to life,

Celebrations galore,

I was dancing to the tunes of the monkey’s band,

And was raising a toast,

For love is not lost after all!


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