My Best Friend’s Wedding

Between us,

The first step we took, is unknown,

Was either you or me.

The first talk we had is unheard,

Was either a class project or cultural program.

The first outing we had is unseen,

Was either a mall or a movie show.


Between us,

The memories that we have shared,

Tied it together,

The giggles that we have exchanged,

Built it stronger,

The drop of tear that we have shed,

Sealed our friendship forever.


Between us,

A relation is as memorable as the person is,

A person is as true as the situation is,

A situation is as real as the love is,

Love is as powerful as the bond is,

A bond is as unbreakable as the heart is.


Between us,

As this journey moves on,

Taking you away further,

Entering, you into a new relationship,

Bonding into a new family, new friends, new festivities.

Missing you, will my heart be, happy will be the smile on my face.


Between us,

A happy life is what I yearn for you,

A happy bonding is what I wish for you,

Happiness and sorrow is part of life, they say,

But on my best friend’s wedding,

All that I ask for, is happiness forever for you!!


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