I looked…


I looked into myself,

I looked,


I had enough food,

Enough clothing,

Enough shelter.

I looked,


I had more than enough money,

More than enough power,

More than enough fame.

I looked,

One day,

On the sands of the beach,

A little boy, just about four,

Skinny legs, frailty of body,

Torn shirt, muddy pants, hole in the sock, but wise a lot more,

A piece of toast in his hand, Well!!There, beside him was a weary doggie,

I looked,

One day,

Without a thought,

The little boy, threw the toast, into the dog’s mouth,

Gulping it down,

Grinning his doggie grin,

The little boy ever so full,

There they played along, without the cares of the world.

I looked,


What I’ve been looking for so long,

Was ever right?

Wasn’t it that?

More love to share,

More kindness to care,

More compassion to be fair,

Was ever required.

More of me,

Wouldn’t be remembered for long,

It just takes a minute of kindness,

To make memories for years to come by strong.


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