Along the way

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Roared the train!

Pushed he, pushed she, pushed all,

The crowd was eager to get in,

Friends and family waving,

The last minute chatter and scatter,

A tiny toddler’s wails unheard,

People running helter and skelter.


The guard blew his whistle,

The train chugged forward.

Rushing past lush green fields,

Children waving in excitement.

Regally making its way along the breath taking scenery,

Rivers gushing from the mountains,

Water sprinkling on the face on a warm summer’s day!

Emerging out of the tunnel,

Playing peek-a-boo,

Like a rabbit out of the magician’s hat.


People turning nostalgic,

Making new friends,

Exchanging stories and eateries,

As the train chugged along,

Day turning to dusk,

Sunlight replaced by signal light.


Anticipation finally at rest,

The train is glad,

Of a hard day’s work, bearing fruits,

As the passengers depart smiling and cheering,

End of a glorious journey,

Looking forward to a new one!





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