The Encounter

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

Trepidation of the unknown,

Nervous of the encounter,

Sweaty palms, a trickle of perspiration off the forehead,

What am I getting into?

Pondered he,

Do I go back the way I came, wondered he!!!


Nervous of the encounter,

How do I talk to her, whom I’ve barely known?

What do I expect of the encounter? Thoughtful was he,

Reaching the doors of her place,

Not knowing,

To go back the way he came, or ring the doorbell.


Heart in the mouth,

Anxiety in the mind,

Bravery on the face,

Is it worth the effort?

Marched forward,

A state of illusion of going back, he was in.


Transfixed, he was,

Stood in front of him, a beauty beyond words,

Spoke she, the finest words,

At ease, he was, in a jiffy,

Forgot he,

Of the puzzling state he was in, not a moment ago.


Was time to depart,

Friends calling out to come,

Shall I be here with her ever?

Not at the threshold, but with her forever,

They reminding,

Nervous were you of the encounter, not a moment ago.




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