Strings of color

Strings of color,

Cheers, smiles, laughter on all faces,

There was a reason to celebrate,

It was our national festival,

Celebrations of being in the world’s largest democracy,


Strings of color,

Saffron, white, green marked the entire stadium,

Fun and frolic in the air,

Pride on our faces, reflected,

The joy of being in the world’s largest democracy.


Strings of color,

Disturbances around the stadium,

Reckoned we, the beats of the parade drum,

Immersed in the celebrations,

Oblivious we were to the tremors within.


Strings of color,

A jerk here, a jerk there,

A look of surprise marked our faces,

The stadium danced from within,

As though it wanted to partake in our celebrations.


Strings of color,

Daunted upon us,

A Massive tremor,

Somewhere in the region,

Helter, skelter, and cries for safety.


Strings of color,

Dirt, dust, buildings fallen,

Life sucked out, of some,

For the rest of us, it came to stop.

Celebrations put to rest against nature’s fury.


Strings of color,

Sad we were,

Not of the property lost,

But of the faces, that the fury cost.

Colors, not as intended, a color of fury, nevertheless!


Strings of color,

Helping each other, we rise again from the ashes,

Laying each brick, together we stand in thick and thin,

Nothing happens as intended,

The spirit of togetherness is never suspended.




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