The tale of the forest


The buzz of the bees,

The chatter of the birds,

The murmur of the animals,

The winds carried a rumour,

Spread it as fast as wildfire,

Of the friendly bear ascending the throne.


Cheered he was,

By the teeny weeny insects,

And the majestic elephants alike.

Strong is he,

Protector of the meek is he,

Happy they were,

No longer would they fall prey to the grumpy lion.


Fell this into the ears of the king,

Roared he,

“How dare the lazy lump dethrone me?

Aye, subjects! How could you cheer for anyone but me?

Feign respect,is that what you do?

I expect nothing but obedience from you”.


Instructed he,

Let’s march to the cave of the lazy bear,

Knocked he on the doors of the friendly bear.

Roared he,

How could you ascend the throne,

When the chosen one is strong and supple?


Humble as the bear was,

Pleaded he with reverence,

Your Highness, “How could I dethrone you,

Forever I will be your servant,

Never do I want to be caught in a controversy,

Grant me slumber for half a year,

For I’m in hibernation”.


The dreams of the forest-ers fizzled out,

Wanted they to catch the culprit,

Who started such a ruthless rumour.




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