At the fair

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

Little Nita, checked the sky outside. It was a bright, sunny Saturday. Perfect, she’ll be able to meet her favorite old man at the fair today.

She lived on a quaint island. Every week, she used to look forward to the treasures that were brought from the foreign lands for the islanders. There was no dearth of resources, but the treasures and tales of the foreign lands kept her spellbound. She wanted to travel there,someday.

Neatly dressed, she went and stood at the spot where, he usually would be. Nowhere, could she find him. Dejected, she wasn’t able to meet him the previous week even.

Caught she, the sounds of a familiar tune. There, he was, with goodies and toffees and tales galore.

This is in response to Friday Fictioneers.  The challenge is to write a story in about 100 words. This week, I have exceeded the word limit, slightly and I have written it in about 120 words.Thank you Rochelle for running the prompt and Fatima Fakier Deria  for the photo .



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