The lines are drawn

The lines are drawn,

Dark night,dim lights,

Marked the entire Territory,

Only the shine of the stars, gave light,

For it was a new moon’s night.


The lines are drawn,

Perturbed he was,

The announcement of a curfew,

Today, of all the nights,

Why do they have to suffer, he cried with all his might.


The lines are drawn,

Not a single soul on the streets,

Drop of a pin,

Aroused suspicion from far and wide,

Prayed he to the power beyond,” Please be by my side”.


The lines are drawn,

Whatever it takes, he decided,

Sneaked he outside,

The lights of the milky way, were his guide,

Victory is mine, hopefully I shan’t be spied.


The lines are drawn,

Moved from,

One shack to another,

Knocked he on the doors,

Crossing his fingers, he was on all fours.


The lines are drawn,

Slithering back,the way he came,

The midwife held his bundle of joy,

Held he his fort,

Far too long, nevertheless,it was worth all the effort.


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