The Climb


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yarnspinner. Thank you Yarnspinner!

It’s been long since we took a holiday together, she said. Let’s do something exciting this weekend, she pestered him. Do we go to the resort by the sea, pitch a tent in the forests, or just visit a quaint old place?

Pondering, they zeroed in on a trek to the mountains. Ropes, shoes,sun screen, matches, first aid kit, torches,compass was all ticked in the check list and dutifully packed.

As the day neared, excitement grew in both of them. Before the start of dawn, along with their climbing gears they made it to the nearest spot of the trek.

As the sun gradually made it to horizon they progressed higher on. Chirping of the birds, the scenic view, whispering of the winds gave them the much needed push.

Ten more steps to the peak, they smiled in elation.As he was nearing, a step missed, and fell he into the abyss. She screamed not knowing what to do.

Minutes later, he was standing next to her. She couldn’t believe it, unknown to her, he miraculously was saved from the abyss by the wide branches of a tree.

It was then, they took a vow to plant as many saplings as possible and stop tree felling.

~200 words

This is written as a part of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. For more visit Β FFfAW Β Thank you PJ for running the challenge and Yarnspinner for the photo prompt.



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