Cloud of their own


This is part II of the poem, The Encounter. You can read “The Encounter” here . This can be read as a standalone poem too.

Plans, surprises, gifts,

Anything else to add to the list that fits?

Excitement, nervousness all combined into one,

He was to finally meet his chosen one, after a long run.

Apart they were, in two different cities,

The next day was her birthday,did the world care, he wondered in pity.

Sharp at midnight he was to surprise his dear,

How will she react, when I’m near ?

Long was the journey,worth it the effort,

He had put forth.

The gatekeeper acted sour,

Was his love story the gatekeeper’s care?

Denied the entry to her apartment,

He was the most disheartened.

Begged, pleaded, bribed, what not did he do?

Didn’t budge, the gatekeeper didn’t take his cue.

What’s the commotion? wondered the girl,she came out,

Spotted her beloved, her joy came pouring out,

Beckoning him inside, she called out loud,

Out of the world’s prying eyes, they were in their own cloud.


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