Is it or is it not?

As a kid growing up,

Exams, rank, competition was all the care.

A mark lost here,

Was someone’s gain there,

In the larger scheme of ranks.

Had to be equipped to fight the big bad world,

Reason it was given for the craving for marks.


As a young woman now,

Facing the big  bad world,

Coming to terms with the actual scheme of things,

Realized I,

Rank marks, competition are all important,

Essential for us to eke out a decent living,

But shouldn’t we all remember that education is far more superior?

Strength of character is that which counts in times of adversity,

Helpfulness, courage, tenacity,

Kindness, compassion, love for fellow beings,

Are the true gems that we must inculcate,

As life moves on, slowly but steadily,

I’m waiting for the wonderful pearls of wisdom, it has to offer .




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