What to do, what not to do?

School to go, homework to complete,

Will I have time for my secret mission, wondered she.

Not much money to spend,

Will I be able to fit it, within,

What do the grown ups call it as, racked her brains hard,

“Budget”! That was the word,

She had overheard two days back.

Homework done, time for the mission,

Long past her sleeping hour,

Her mamma goaded her to sleep,

Pleased she was of herย creation,

Happy she was of the day spent well,

The next day, she didn’t need,

Mamma to prod her awake,

Ran she holding her creation to daddy dearest,

In it were sketches of the three of them,

Beneath in her writing,

A very happy birthday to dad, from mamma and me.

What are the possessions of the world,

Compared to my little one’s love, thought he.




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