From her diary

Hazy pictures, irrelevant threads,

From one end to another,

The image lacked the clarity,

Tune the channel, to capture the images,

On the forehead a pimple like that of a star,

Ever so big,

Just stay put it laid there,

Without a hint of budging,

How will I ever face the teasing crowd,

At school the next day?

Please get cured, begging of the pimple,

Caressing it to leave.

Tossing and turning,

Waking up with a jolt,

Hand going up to her forehead,

The pimple had vanished into thin air,

Just the way it came,

Phew!! It was just a dream!




  1. Something that most of us have gone through!! Though my pimples were always real, I never had a dream rescue me from the panic *sad sigh*. Plus, it always decided sprout on the tip of my nose. It can’t be more embarrassing!!

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