(5) Words: | STRIKE | SCORE | RACE | TAKE | READ |

A short story based on the 5 words :-

Reading it in the newspaper, it struck him as a blow.

It took a while for the feeling to sink in. Every time he read, headlines of  twenty five years ago, seems like yesterday,” Motor race turns fatal.”Alas! This time it was he who had given it to be printed in memory of the death anniversary.

In the name of a race, life had taken away his hero to a dark abyss, but could it ever score out the feelings he has for him? It’s only improved over the years.

A poem based on the 5 words :-


I may be different,

Strike not my name upfront,

I  may take a while to interact,

It doesn’t mean I don’t like to contact,

I may not consider life a race,

Still I try to live with all grace,

I  may not read between the lines,

I value people for who they are and not their exterior signs,

I may  not score a brownie point by being fake,

I value goodness, that’s what I take.

In response to The Secret Keeper


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