Picture Courtesy :- Dawn Miller

A frantic search was called for. Whoever had heard of the chief guests disappearing from their own party? But such was the situation now.

A crowd of people had gathered there to celebrate but now they were to be a part of the hunt. Places were shortlisted, tracking devices were enabled, emergency kits, torches, batteries were all taken.

And were they found? In the corner table, ditching their two cups, opting for one to sip from, oblivious of their surrounding, they were transfixed by each other. When confronted, they just had to say,Why would we want to spurge lavishly on our momentous completion of fifty years together, when we could find more than happiness at this simple table from where we had started with each other.

Will you be mine for yet another innings of fifty years? I do, was lost to a thunderous applause.

149 words

Acknowledgements :- Thank you PJ for running the challenge and Dawn Miller for providing the photo prompt . For details please refer here. Thanks for stopping by and reading.



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