Change of scene

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

                       Riding through the narrow  lanes on her cycle, collecting the freshly baked bread, eagerly waiting for the scrumptious channa* that accompanied the bread, and her favourite program on the television marked the beginning of her family’s Sunday mornings. This simple ritual was never traded for nothing for a long time.

                        The warm greetings of the baker making way for finely dressed servers, brightly lit room, well polished flooring, the traditional bread replaced by ones with fancy names. An array of pastries neatly racked glistened behind the glass cases. Standing rooted to the spot, childhood memories making way for the future called modernization.

99 words.

*channa :- Chickpeas. A variety of Indian dishes are prepared using this wonderful pulse.

Acknowledgements:-Thanks Rochelle Wisoff- Fields for running the challenge at friday Frictioneers and Roger Bullot for the photo. The challenge is to write in about 100 words based on the photo. For details please visit here.Thank you all for stopping by and reading.



  1. I like chickpeas and I liked your story. I also like think about places I used to go to when I was younger that are no longer there which your story made me think of. Nice job with the prompt!

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