The winner’s streak


Photo By William Stitt

Have you ever?

Tried to spin a tale of the people you meet, ever so clever?

Wondering where they hail from?

Wondering whether they’d be quarrelsome,

Wondering what they do for a living?

Wondering whether they are masters at their field, or just to their jobs they are clinging.

You’d wonder,

And you slowly begin to ponder,

Thousands of people you meet,

Lakhs* of stories for your treat!

A person ever so different from the rest,

Drawing glances from the best,

Making you feel, it’s a sin to be unique,

But I’d say it’s a winner streak.

100 words

       Lakhs* :- A hundred thousand

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Bikurgurl for running the challenge at 100WW. The challenge is to write in about 100 words based on the prompt. For details please visit here. Thanks William Stitt for the photo prompt. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

8 thoughts on “The winner’s streak

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  1. I love your poetry of wondering what the people in images are doing, thinking, and feeling — it’s the process I go through when working off a prompt and find yours ever so hopeful! Thank you for joining us again this week with such a lovely poem and tale ❤

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