The Secret



Roshni,(meaning light) was a girl in her mid- twenties. All that a girl in the modern times could ask for-  educated, confident, working for a reputed MNC, independent- financially or otherwise.

Her parents were proud of their daughter’s achievements and like any other parents wanted to get their daughter married to an eligible suitor.These feelings intact, they postponed her marriage by suggesting some reason or the other for they had a secret to hide.

Fire,flame,spark, any bit of light she was scared of. Now, you may wonder, how could that be, given the modern times? Her parents first noticed this fear during the festival of Deepavali*, when she was all of six. She was hesitant to burst even the simplest of crackers. They thought it would wear off as she grew up. But, did it? Well, it only increased.

Scared of this peculiar syndrome of their daughter, they took her to well renowned doctors, psychiatrists, scientists. When all efforts of science failed she was also taken to pundits ,gurus who ward off the evil eye but to no avail.

Her parents were at their wit’s end.Perhaps, these flames had a story to tell, were they mere repercussions of life she lived before?

<200 words.

Deepavali* :- Festival of lights celebrated all over India sometime in the months of either October or November. This festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil. People celebrate by buying new clothes, distributing sweets and of course by bursting crackers.For more information on the festival please visit here. 

Acknowledgements :- This is written in response to Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. Thank you Rogershipp for running the challenge and thank you all for stopping by and reading. The challenge is to write in about 200 words based on the prompt, for more details please refer here.




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