Through her eyes

Pic Courtesy :- Yinglan

Tall skyscrapers, well laid roads, clean pavements marked the outlook of the city. Buses,metros, underground trains, bullets were the modes of commute. The government encouraged the use of public transportation and offered the tickets at subsidized rates.In addition to boosting the revenue of the coffers, it would also keep check on the pollution level of the environment.

Granny!! I have been robbed off my train set and look it been taken by that cruel person, tugging me, my four year old granddaughter pointed to the tram. No, little one! That’s a tram. It was your granddad’s favorite mode of commute to work and also our transport for weekend getaways. It’s been there even before the metros and underground trains came in.

Then, it is like you, granny, for its always been there. Yes, my dear, but its going to go, the government has decided to scrap it off. But before that let’s enjoy our ride together, saying so, granny lifted her granddaughter onto the tram.


Acknowledgement :- Thank you Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Yinglan for the photo prompt. The challenge is to write in about 150 words(+/-25 words) a story based on the prompt. For more details please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.



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