Making the most of it

Often, as the uniformity,

Of life sets in, bringing with in familiarity,

Of, waking up to the sound of the alarm clock,

Of, sleepily preparing a cuppa coffee, with the clock running tick tock,

Of, hurriedly preparing something to eat and moaning over the dirty dishes,

Of, gobbling up the breakfast, hoping to be on time, and the likely wishes,

Of, cramming up the work, to meet the never ending deadlines,

Of, forever thinking what’s new to be magicked for dinner, so as not to repeat the breakfast lines,

Of, thinking of thousand other things on the commute back,

Of, always pushing oneself to be on track,

Of, never having spent enough time on learning something new,

Of, uniformity setting in familiarity, is it something anew?

Of, making time for oneself to weaving magic,

Of, not punishing/pushing thyself, mistakes aren’t something tragic.

Of treating to tiny pleasures, not much does that costs,

Of,living life to the fullest as much as for oneself,as for others while it lasts.




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