A day

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

Josh and his college friends decided to go river rafting.

What fun!with the water splashing on the face, exclaimed one.

Look at the green cover swaying to the rhythm of the river, exclaimed another.

After much excitement, they made their way to the banks of the river, nevertheless craving for more.

Ouch! one exclaimed, while the others turned in unison. All they could see was a venomous serpent making its way back to the wilderness.

A spade shaped leaf that grows in the forests is the cure, advised their guide.

Where will I find the right one, amongst the multi shaped leaves, exclaimed Josh.

~100 words


Image result for pixabay river rafting

Image courtesy :- Pixabay

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Rochelle Wisoff Fields for running the challenge and Sarah Potter for the photo prompt. The challenge is to write in about 100 words based on the prompt.  For more please visit here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.



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