Come, play along!

The elders of Vasant Housing Society, were in a fix. It’s was two weeks since the summer vacations began, and all that they could hear was silence in their compound. True, the kids were forced to studying during the school days, but it was the vacations the elders wished they played.

The victim in the form of modern gadgets was found. This kept the elders thinking, and they came up with a plan of organizing traditional Indian outdoor games for the young and old. *Kho-Kho,**Gilli Danda, ***Lagori, ****Dog and the bone were among the main events of the D-day.

99 words

A sneak peek into the games :-

*Kho-Kho :- Played by two teams of nine players each, the game consists of two teams who are required to chase and tag the players of opposite team to win the game.

Picture :-

Image result for image of kho-kho game

**Gilli Danda:-  Gilli Danda, similar to cricket and baseball, is played with a piece of wood reduced on both sides known as gilli and a large piece of wood used to hit the gilli known as danda.

Picture :-

Related image

***Lagori:-  One member of a team throws the ball at the stack to knock the stones over. The team then tries to restore the pile of stones while the opposing team throws the ball at them.

Picture :-

Image result for lagori game images

****Dog and the Bone:-  Consisting of two teams, and an object such as a bottle, handkerchief, which is designated as the bone. A player from each team comes forward to pick up the bone( placed at the center) and goes back to his team.The one who goes back safely without getting caught is the winner. 

Picture :-

Image result for dog and the bone game

Information and image courtesy :- Google

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Charli Mills for running the challenge at the Carrot Ranch Communications. The challenge is to write in exactly 99 words a story based on outdoor games. Thank you all for stopping by and reading. Hope you enjoyed.


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