Key to happiness

Like that of a kid who stashes his toffees,

Never to let the others know of its whereabouts,

Like that of a king who fiercely safeguards his kingdom,

Never to let his enemies prey on his territory,

The ever glowing, shining, provider of warmth,

Nurturing the life on earth for countless years gone by,

The effervescent sun, radiating light forever more,

Whereas the dark rain bearing clouds pleaded, begged to let them go,

Pointing to the earth below, to the numerous people unable to bear his fury,

The plants withering,

The animals unable to find food and dying off thirst,

The lands ever so barren and greenery not in sight,

The sun stood to his ground, he wanted to shine forever more,

Tired of his adamance the clouds plotted amongst themselves,

Whispering of their plan to each other,

Let’s unite to show our power,

Striking a bolt of lightning,

And a clap of resounding thunder,a few seconds later,

Scaring him off his pride,

Shaking him off his wits,

Triumphing, not of good over the evil,

But teaching a lesson, nevertheless,

That, anything done in moderation always yields the desired results,

Too much of anything never did anyone any good.




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