Silver lining

      PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson.

Driving back from work, Pia was excited about the weekend. Casually gazing outside she realized that it grew dark all of a sudden. Turning on the headlights she thought to herself that this wasn’t the scene when she started.

Is winter setting in early or are the dark clouds harbinger of something dark, inevitable and uncertain? Rushing through the traffic,she was relieved to find her family safe and cheerful enjoying a sitcom.

Time that I consult a psychiatrist to cure myself off the fear that my near & dear will die any moment.

92 words

Acknowledgements :- In response to Friday Fictioneers, Thank you Rochelle Wisoff- Fields for running the challenge & Dale Rogerson for the photo prompt. The challenge is to write in about 100 words based on the photo prompt. For guidelines please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.




  1. So–I’m not a psychiatrist, but I am a mental health counselor. Just in case there are those reading this who doubt that it really happens? Indeed it does. I see people every now and then who are literally plagued with anxiety that those they love will all die.

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