From his eyes

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Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Not knowing where to start from,

For,this magnum opus started from a small germ,

When it all started there was noise,

Blasts, collusion, nevertheless with poise,

Vacant spaces, now what is called as land,

Beaches with water and sand,

Not to forget the lush green,

Painting a bright color and satiating masses, ever so keen,

Or the friendly fellas we’ve labelled “animal”

Those have demonstrated skills that ain’t normal,

Then came the one, with the better power,

Or so he claimed, guess his idea was that others cower,

Wars, revolutions, modernization were his choicest games,

Almost everyone he tames,

Environmentalists worry about the damage he causes,

Peace- lovers worry about the protests he marches,

Common folk worry about their cost of living,

Leaders worry about the policies in the making,

But I look on from afar,

Not knowing if they are at par or will leave a scar?

Blasts, revolutions, sounds again I hear,

Is it another planet in the making, that I fear?

Call them to my side,

Alien they’ve named me, forever will be their friend, so I say it with pride.


<200  words.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Sheetal Bhardwaj for running the challenge at Fortnight Friday Fables. The challenge is to write in about 200 words based on the prompt. For guidelines please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.













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