The Big Picture

Natasha’s mother was disappointed with her daughter.

She dreamt Natasha of securing a degree in engineering and working with one of the top companies.

But Natasha had different plans.

She was creatively inclined, wanted to pursue a degree in literature and become a writer.

Well, there’s so much that a person can have, nothing more, nothing less.

Seeing her passion go down the drain, she didn’t wish, neither she wanted to disappoint her mother, the big picture is all that matters, decided she.

Think big word highlighted with marker on paper of other related words.For strategy and business concept ideas.

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Acknowledgements :- Thank you Ivy Walker for running the challenge at Six Sentence Stories. The challenge is to write in six sentence based on the weekly cue. This week’s cue is “well”. For more information please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

32 thoughts on “The Big Picture

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  1. When Kids have a different opinion from parents. The end result will hurt either one. It would be nice when parents understand what their kids want and give the space they need.

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  2. I am sad that she has resigned herself to giving up writing. She can fulfill her mother’s dreams for her (if she really wants that), and still make time to write that masterpiece! We make room for what is most important to us. Great thought-provoking story!

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  3. Having lived a goodly portion of my life, my perspective is that there are many seasons in life where talents and ambitions can be developed and shared. To go after a career that one has absolutely no desire to pursue seems self-defeating though.
    Well written six.

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