Red Crown


April Morgue File 1de859369fba353649457fde024c5146 svklimkin

There was darkness all around me. Slowly and steadily my shell broke open and I came out. Suddenly all around me there was only Β light. Squinting and creaking making my way only to find similar instances happen all around me.

Pecking around, playing about I spent my days with my siblings. When I was around 20 days old, two burly men came and packed off my siblings and me.

Once again, there was darkness all around, leaving me wondering where my shell was.When the big truck stopped for good, we ended up in a place which was filled with my fraternity. My joy knew bounds, we were fed well and didn’t have to take pains in finding food. Alas! we were caged, that was all that worried me.

Then one day, I overheard the same two burly men telling each other as I wasn’t a hen and couldn’t lay eggs they would butcher me for my meat. This scared me and while they came to feed me I made my escape. I ran, ran and ran until I was tired and weary. No one to feed me I had to revive my natural instincts back again.


< Β 200 words

Acknowledgements :- Thanks Rogershipp for running the challenge at Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. The challenge is to write in about 200 words based on the photo prompt. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.



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