A self-made man

Wheels of life, constantly churning,

A different incident each day,

Flipping in retrospect, never do we realize,

A page becomes a chapter with lasting effects.


Born I, at a nondescript ward of a local hospital,

Sailing through school and college with just but mediocre grades,

Did I cringe?

While at an early age,

Handing over the news of death of a loved one,

To be printed on the next day’s newspaper,

Nah! Acted it as motivation to achieve greater heights.


From the familiar locales,

Flew I to foreign lands,

Much was spoken about my inability,

My inability to care, to achieve , to earn aplenty like the rest,

I didn’t pay heed,

For, I knew my journey was unlike the rest,

Working my way up, the hard way,

No godfather, no angel, no guardian,

I stand proud today- a self made man.


Looking back in totality,

I am glad of those wishers who meant (un)well*,

For, had they not spoken about my inability,

I wouldn’t have had the ability to silence them today.

Life plays a loop,

I have indeed come from nowhere to somewhere.

Tomorrow, I don’t know, where I would stand,

I’d rather be a guiding light for somebody in darkness,

Rather than a wisher who just means (un)well*.

Comment :-  (un)well* :- I acknowledge the use of the word (un) well is inappropriate in the given context, but I want to highlight the negative of the word “well”.


Combination of daily prompts:-








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