Rhapsody of beginnings


Challenge Rules :-

Monsoon has arrived here, to some part of our country, India. So, this week I’ll like to have Haiku from you on the Monsoon.

Now, remember Haiku is the easy part. The main challenges are the

A. Writing shall not be in a conventional manner i.e. 5-7-5 or free-verse; it shall follow the following pattern–

i. 3-5-3

ii. 2-3-2

iii. 1-3-1

B. No Senryu i.e. no Human Emotional one Haiku only Nature one

Rain is

reminder of all


Soon, come

spells of



of mud sm-


Challenge Rules :-

Those who’re not into the Poem Writing for them I’ll like to have a Six-Word Story on the prompt. The genre shall be either Humorous or Romantic one–nothing outside of this.

She looked, he looked, our outlook.

A glance is where it started.

We are different, yet are together.

Snatching her lipstick, the monkey disappeared.

Bolted! Pull, don’t push, she giggled.

Frantically searched thing, safely in cupboard.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Sheetal Bhardwaj for initiating the challenge and Sangbad for running it this fortnight at Fortnight Friday Fables. 

I never knew six- worded stories were this difficult to write, I’m attempting this for the very first time and I sincerely appreciate the efforts ( now that I gone through the process )taken by my fellow bloggers who have written and excelled at six- word stories. I have tried both the humorous and romantic genre, though I’m a newbie at both.Also the restrictions on Haiku meter was challenging, hope I have done justice to both the challenges. For guidelines please visit here.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading.










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