PHOTO PROMPTย ยฉ Janet Webb

Joan had been living in this desolated neighborhood. Desolated, but pretty, thanks to nature’s abundance.

While her father undertook business trips, her mother was the anchor at home. Crocheting by the fire, her hands weaved magic.For the very first time, her mother had gone out for a day.

The storeroom was where her mother had stacked her creations.Boredom striking,characteristic of a restless teen, she marched off to the storeroom. Admist the numerous handiwork she was surprised to find a pot emanating light of its own.From afar, she could even smell the wonderful perfume it produced.

A practiced art at work or a magician’s trick?

~100 words

Acknowledgements :- Thanks Rochelle Wisoff- Fields for running the challenge at Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write in about 100 words based on the photo prompt. For guidelines please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.








  1. You write out of the prompt very beautifully…like the whole story…a suggestion hope you don’t mind…mention Joan age…it will be more complete as well as appealing one…


    1. It’s a magical take, that’s how I started it, now that you’ve given this new idea( figment of her imagination) it could be that too. Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading, Namratha.


  2. Well done. You story reminds me of how I used to explore my mother’s things in the storeroom under the house, which I wasn’t allowed to do. I like the idea of something magical being hidden amongst the crochet. Never underestimate anyone. Goodness knows what this seemingly mild-manner crochet lady is really up to!
    xx Rowena

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