Sidlak #1 – Pink

Fondly re-,

-membering, specially

during,the times when he was,

away,the longing growing ever so strong,

Reminiscing, flushes of pink when his image flashed across her mind.

Image result for blushing girl images

P.C :- Shutterstock

Acknowlegements :- Inspired by Radhika Mam of Radhikasreflections. Please have a look at her creation Sidlak. 

This poetry form has kept me hooked. Rules to be followed while writing Sidlak form of poetry. The poem should consist of 5 lines with the first four lines following the 3-5-7-9 syllables pattern and the last line of the poetry should contain a COLOR highlighting the crux of the poem or the feelings of the poet. Thank you all for stopping by and reading. I urge you all to try your hand at this form, it is exciting and fun. Add varied hues to your poetry.




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