What if?

If the sun was to think,

What if I were not to shine today?

If the rivers were to think,

What if I stop flowing today?

If the trees were to think,

What if I don’t bear fruits today?

If the stars were to think,

What if I stop twinkling today?

And finally,

If the earth was to think,

What if I stop spinning for a moment,

The results are indeed unimaginable,

Dearth ,destruction, death.


While lots of things we seek to,

Be of standard and in perfect motion,

Why do we accommodate,

Laziness,sorrow, pain, jealousy, regret, anger, lust, resentment, vengeance,

In excess and pave way for a substandard self?

It’s easier said than done,

We might say,

But, trying to free ourselves of the vices,

Won’t cause much harm, I’d say.



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