Not so much


Photo by Jennifer Pallian

Working in a centrally air conditioned hi-tech office in the city, dressing up in formals, commuting through the metro, earning a hefty pay, purchasing a house in the prime locales, furnishing it in tune with the latest trends.

Working in the paddy fields from dawn to dusk under the scorching sun, dressed in a simple cotton sari*, growing her very own fruits and vegetables,things in Pia’s life certainly didn’t go according to her plan.

Living in the city for most of her life, her friend longed for a life like that of Pia, but was that the case with Pia?

Exactly 100 words

Sari * :- A garment consisting of a length of cotton, silk or any other material elaborately draped around the body typically worn by the women of India.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Bikurgurl for running the challenge at 100WW. The challenge is to write in about 100 words based on  the photo prompt. For guidelines please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.




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