The Vase

PHOTO PROMPT Β© Dale Rogerson

The house warming ceremony over,they were eager to move in. The past year was filled with early morning discussions,disagreements over the arrangements of their new abode.

Saving up from their hard earned salary,this was a dream come true.

The husband wanted the study room reflecting his style with few books on the shelf,a sturdy chair,the wife insisted that she preferred books arranged all over the room,a couch to read at leisure.

Finally,their home a mix of both their styles,it was decided the vase filled with fresh flowers from their garden occupied a prime place. After all,it was her wedding gift from her mother.

~100 words.

Acknowledgements :- Thanks Rochelle Wisoff- Fields for running the challenge at Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write in about 100 words based on the photo prompt. For guidelines please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


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  1. If not for the saving from hard earned salary bit, I would have thought that the house in itself was a gift from her mother. Well written piece about understanding each other.

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  2. Well done. They seem to be doing much better than most couples at compromising.
    The last paragraph intrigued me. Is the vase of flowers symbolic of her mother coming between them? Being at the centre of their marriage.Any thoughts.
    xx Rowena

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    1. “Is the vase of flowers symbolic of her mother coming between them? Being at the centre of their marriage”- I didn’t think on these lines, it’s intriguing indeed. I wanted to convey that she wanted her mother’s presence to be felt in their new home. Thank you very much, Rowena for a different and an interesting line of thought.

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      1. That’s the beauty of sharing our work. People have done the same with my flash this week. I didn’t admit that I hadn’t picked up that angle but I also appreciated it. We have so much to contribute to each other through sharing our work like this.

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  3. My wife and I share our study room but the desk is split down the middle, hers and mine. As I’ve written before, mine is the messier side. That said, in the evening, I usually watch a show on my computer while she either watches podcasts or DVDs on TV. After 35 years together, we’ve developed our habits and patterns.

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