My thoughts #1

Realisation, early or late is a blessing,rather than never. What we carry within ourselves as individuals matter- love, respect, individuality, empathy, patience, perseverance, knowledge,friendship, trust. Longevity of life matters but not as much as its quality.

So does, our attachment towards material possessions. No doubt they are essential to our living, but it would never bother to support you if you are hurt or in need of help to grow forward.

Each one of our life is different from the next- no comparison indeed. What we make of it is for others to see, the pain and failures is for us to cherish during the better times. Some may say, life is a play, why fret? While there is no point in worrying, each day shouldn’t be undermined for it is a pretty collage in the making.

A poem to go with my prose :-

Oi human!

While you are here and thriving,

Make each day better than the former,

While you don’t know the end,

Each day’s script is so in your hands,

While worry is foolishness,

Working towards your dream is prudence,

While the destination seems far and unattainable,

The journey is as much as beautiful or even more, Enjoy,

While at it,

You’ll be forever thankful.




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