A mother’s journey

The first cry of my daughter announcing her entry on earth,it was music to my ears.Often wondering,why is it a cry that we arrive with,why not a smile?Over the years,I’ve come to realize that it’s only with the cherished ones we drop our shield and cry.

Much like,

At the foot of the waterfalls,by her side,this was another sound I wasn’t going to forget.As the water announced her entry to the world,heralding goodness,prosperity, luck, much like my daughter who despite her tantrums,disagreements,conflicts during her growing up years,stood by me and banked upon me during the good and tough times.

99 words

Acknowledgements:- Thank you Charli Mills for running the challenge at Flash Fiction Challenge. The challenge is to write in exactly 99 words based on the word of the week- “Sound”. For guidelines please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.



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