So near,yet so far


Photo by Jane

Since the time I’ve known myself,I remember being amazed by the Stars,Planets,Comets,Sun,Moon and the like.Day in and day out I used to dream about them.

Sensing my interest,my parents bought me various illustrated books on the subject.News about the newly built planetarium in our city reached our ears,and I remember we were amongst the first ones to pay a visit.

When the video was initially being played,I was scared by the Milky Way’s proximity to me,but later on was lost in my world,I was awed at it,where I belonged.

Needless to say,numerous visits didn’t satiate me,and even now a visit to the planetarium brings immense joy.

Acknowledgements:-Thank you Bikurgurl for running the challenge at 100WW. The challenge is to write a story in about 100 words based on the photo prompt.For guidelines please refer here.Thank you all for stopping by and reading.



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