Battered or Brighter

Here I lie battered,

With none offering me a second glance,

Sometimes I am ornamented,

Held close by many as a mark of their achievements,


Here I don’t know when I’d perish,

Maybe in a day’s time, when the news gets redundant,

And the world awaits an interesting turn of events,the start of another day,

Yet another times,I am held as a testimony to a relationship growing strong,

Day after day.


Here I may be the affirmation of events,

Mortals fear to acknowledge,

Yea, their loved ones, going far away,

During the merrier times,

I am stamped and cherished,

As a mark of new addition(birth) to a family,


Here I don different roles,

Sometimes sad, sometimes happy,

Changing according to situations,

Modifying to suit your requirements,

I may be stamped,trampled,rolled, cherished, treasured, ornamented,


Here I offer you a suggestion, Oh mortals!

As you traverse through life’s riddles,

You are my creator,

I am but a mere paper,

Don’t ever be disheartened or overjoyed by,

The course it takes,

Progress makes a man better, be it you are battered or brighter.




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