Next innings

Thank you artycaptures for our photo prompt this week!

It was the eve of their wedding anniversary.Looking back,forty years,two kids their shares of achievements,disappointments,grief and happiness,they still looked out for each other other for support.

Professionally accomplished in each of their chosen fields,they didn’t compromise on the upbringing of their kids,be it on the values or on the education provided to them.

They climbed the ladder the hard way,not much of luxury or riches when they started off but a fairly good amount of savings to enjoy their retirement.

Not having a house to call their own home,it was on this eve,as the milk boiled and overflowed announcing goodness,prosperity,luck,health,one could see life had come a full circle,traversing through thick and thin.

In this age and time,where to be on the achiever’s list,things need to be fast paced,they didn’t think much about the materialistic pleasures they forewent initially.Time indeed does justice if we give it some time and effort.

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150 words

In India,the housewarming ceremony or gruhapravesa as it is called here,is marked by the boiling of milk,amongst other rituals.

Acknowledgements:- Thank you Priceless Joy for running the challenge at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.The challenge is to write in about 100-150(+/-25 words) a story based on the photo prompt.Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


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    1. Thank you very much, Sangbad. I don’t feel it’s a typo- I’m from Karnataka and here we call the ceremony as Grihapravesha or Gruhapravesha. Our country is so diverse that in different parts we spell and pronounce it differently.Thanks for pointing it out. πŸ™‚


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