I didn’t,

did I?A being,

from nowhere,excitement he,

hairy he,bounding about,it was,

love at first sight,covered in a brown coat,sad to part ways he and me.

Rules to be followed while writing Sidlak form of poetry. The poem should consist of 5 lines with the first four lines following the 3-5-7-9 syllables pattern and the last line of the poetry should contain a COLOR highlighting the crux of the poem or the feelings of the poet.


A poem:-

It was a holiday we decided on,

Away from the city,its meaningless noise and humdrum,so forlorn,

Was it a journey of self-discovery?

Or just a relaxation,a remedy for soul recovery?

As we traversed through the windy mountain roads,

The monsoon at its full pace,catching sight of one or more croaking toads,

The foliage drawing gasps of awe from us inside,

While the wiper blades ensuring we have a clear view of the outside,

As we climbed the hills from the plains,

Stream of waterfalls gushing in,tributaries of each deviating from the mains,

Excited we were,at a loss for words of the bountiful beauty,

Not knowing that we’d greeted by a special being,shortly,

As we entered the cottage where we were to stay,

Running came a bundle of energy,his kindness we could never repay,

In shimmering brown coat he was covered,

As the sun glistened through the rainy clouds,the licks he showered,

Nudging my leg, to cajole him,

Or at least pat his back for the cat he chased,that was his whim,

There was nothing to offer to him,except a biscuit or two,

The kindness he showed us,we were the lucky few,

He was called Raja*, by one and all,

And true to his name,he ruled our hearts, my dear hairy,furry pal.

Raja translates into King in most of the Indian languages











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