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Stony silence,

Expression, is it in common parlance?

Or a lack thereof?

Must definitely make sense to the receptor, kind of,

Saddening sorrow,

Like there’s no morrow,

Expression, that causes relief ,

Or heightens the very grief,

Persistent pain,

As if the healing would go in vain,

Expression, that renders sympathy,

Or perhaps showcases from others a lack of empathy,

Anguishing anger,

Emerging from an episode of clanger*,

Expression, that reverberates an outburst,

Or demands an apology first,

Horrendous horror,

Masses fleeing in terror,

Expression, that elicits sadism from some,

Or reclusiveness from those preferring to keep mum,

Candor courage,

Arising from adversity, or preventing oneself from other’s rage,

Expression, that elicits appreciation from some,

Or jealously and hatred from those coming to terms, succumb,

Scintillating surprises,

From love, compassion, it arises,

Expression, that brings a surge of emotions to the fore,

That which brings the reciprocation sentiment to the core,

Loud laughter,

Arising from happiness, thereafter,

Expression, that rekindles memories,

That which pushes people out of reverie,

Profound peace,

Arising from everlasting happiness, putting one at ease,

Expression, spreading serenity surround,

Bringing a sense of tranquility to those around,

Ever changing expressions,

Without which there wouldn’t be life changing impressions,

From silence to peace and so many in between,

From birth to death, Expression! here, everybody is keen.

Clanger* :- mistake, blunder

Note :- This poem is loosely inspired by Navarasa, meaning Nine Emotions.

Navarasa means Nine Emotions in which Nava signifies nine and Rasa signifies Emotions. The nine emotions included in Navarasa are Shringara (love), Hasya(laughter), Karuna (kind-heartedness or compassion), Raudra (anger), Veera ( courage), Bhayanaka (terror, horror), Bheebhatsya (disgust), Adbutha (surprise), and Shantha (peace or tranquility). These are the emotions that human shows according to the situations. Ramayana and Mahabharata ( Epics from India) are equally popular for their flair of depicting various incidents with elaborate mention of Navarasas which is the integral part of our day to day life. ( Information obtained from Speaking Tree, Google)

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Reena Saxena for running the challenge at Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 93 and the art (picture) is by Tolga Girgin. Information on Navarasa obtained from Speaking Tree, Google.

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