By man,

A creation of nature, himself,

Lay the lush green foliage,

Springing up in abudance,

Competing amongst themselves,


A sign of exuberance,


By catchments,

A creation of man, itself,

Flowing seamlessly,

Catching along its way,

A tributary or two,


A sign of continuity,


By woodcutters,

A creation of nature, himself,

Standing sturdy,

Providing life, fruits, for aeons to come,

To the countless life forms,


A sign of dependability,


By aeroplanes,

A creation of man, itself,

Expanding endlessly,

The vast expanse of skies,

Hosting the sun, moon and the stars,


A sign of gloriousness,

What is Man without Nature?

His Nature,

Incorporating values,

Leading by example,

Forever it renders, never it demands,

Living and letting live, is the lest we could do,


Our sign of reciprocation.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Sue Vincent for running the challenge at #writephoto and also for providing the photo prompt. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


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