Lose myself, did I?

My first days in this enigmatic world, here,

Wholly dependant I was, ever endear,

Slowly, the firsts of teething, talking, walking,

Experiencing the firsts of independence, never balking*,

The place where I was at first, helpless,

Is where I found strength in hopefulness,

My first days in an ocean of knowledge, school,

Unknown, I was of any rule,

Slowly, the firsts of social skills, life skills, academics, sports,

Experiencing the firsts of knowing the real world, in its own course,

The place to which I lost the safety of home,

Is where I found strength, in its knowledge, I roam

My first days at work,

Transitioning from informal friends to formal professional network,

Slowly, the firsts of practical knowledge, contacts, appraisals, perks,

Experiencing the firsts of accountability without a jerk,

The place where I lost the cocoon of my student life,

Is where I found strength in its application, in real life,

My first days in a newly introduced family,

Transitioning from daddy’s little girl to a lady, oh! so reluctantly,

Slowly, the firsts of adjustments, managing, frugality,

Experiencing the firsts of responsibility,

The place where I lost the identity of a carefree little girl,

Is where I found strength as a responsible lady, it was a likeable whirl,

My first days as a mother,

Transitioning from, solely looking after oneself to the needs of other,

Slowly, the firsts of care, appreciation, selflessness,

Experiencing the firsts of warmth, intuition,

The place where I lost myself without any condition,

Is where I found strength in my own reflection,

Every first,

Is marked by a transition, unrehearsed,

Slowly, the firsts, paving way to many,

Becomes a lifetime of experiences, aplenty,

The place where I lost myself to hopelessness, apprehension,

Is where I eventually found strength, albeit late comprehension.

Balking *:-stopping short and refusing to go on

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Reena Saxena for running the challenge at Reena’s Exploration Challenge #96. Thank you for the picture prompt. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


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