Spread your wings

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #113

As I stare into nothingness,

Vibrant images I see,

Of a happy, confident, self – assured being,

From nowhere,

Tantalising into their folds,

Fear, insecurity, negativity,

Creeping through the shadows,

Beckon the ray of light I hold,

When least expected.

The microscopic anatomy I do,

Of life lived, or yet to be lived,

Things unexplored energise the very life,

Eyeing from yonder, a seemingly harmless hint of self doubt,

Fluttering its wings,

Manifesting itself into a giant shark,

Ready to gobble up the very being,

In no time.

The early morning rays of sun,

Igniting hopes,

Luring to fulfil the unrealised dreams,

While from somewhere,

Chilly winds, wearing a black cloak,

Engulfing from behind, sending shivers down the spine,

Forcing to be awake at night,

In hope of better times.

So you see,

It doesn’t matter the number of days you’ve lived here,

Fear, its uncanny self,

Entices you into its folds,

Stopping dreams like the red traffic light,

Tempts you to stay there,

Until you wriggle yourself out,

March ahead!

Shake yourself, hold your head high,

Shower the world with your exuberance,

Like chrysalis that have metamorphosed,

Awaiting to display their bright wings,

Care not to be a mere spectator,

Dispel the fear, propel the energy within.

206 words.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Reena Saxena for running the challenge at Reena’s Exploration Challenge #113 and also for the beautiful picture prompts. I have used all the pictures provided as an inspiration for my poem. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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