If frustration could be used as a,


When chided,

Snubbed, frowned upon,

Rather than hold a grudge against the one,

And involve in pettiness,

Use it as fuel to ignite dreams,

Care not, if you shy away from predefined rules,

Care less, if you fail to live by someone’s preconceived notion of you,

Care to, live by dreams you aspire to achieve,

Care less, of what the world’s gotta say about you.

Prompt :


by Wendell Berry

  1. How much poison are you willing to eat for the success of the free market and global trade? Please name your preferred poisons.
  2. For the sake of goodness, how much evil are you willing to do? Fill in the following blanks with the names of your favorite evils and acts of hatred.
  3. What sacrifices are you prepared to make for culture and civilization? Please list the monuments, shrines, and works of art you would most willingly destroy.
  4. In the name of patriotism and the flag, how much of our beloved land are you willing to desecrate? List in the following spaces the mountains, rivers, owns, farms you could most readily do without.
  5. State briefly the ideas, ideals, or hopes, the energy sources, the kinds of security, for which you would kill a child. Name, please, the children whom you would be willing to kill.

Feel the anger, bitterness, disappointment dripping from the poetโ€™s pen. Think what catastrophe can drive a person to write this. Think about the basest instincts of humanity pitted against the noblest, and the kind of conflicts it can lead to.

Let whatever it ignites in you flow like a lava. It can also be ice, a scenario of peace, meditative journaling that works like a soothing balm on the bruised soul. The format can be a memory, historical fact or fiction, story, poem, essay, video or a soul-stirring picture. There are absolutely no restrictions.

Write a post on your blog, and copy-paste the link here.

P.S :- This is an amateur attempt of mine to write a poem based on a profound prompt. Little that I have seen of the world, this is what I could come up with. Thank you Reena Saxena for opening our eyes and widening our perspective to thought provoking poems such as these, thank you for running the challenge at Reena’s Exploration Challenge #114. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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