Getting wings

P.C :- #freeverserevolution

It was a day no different from any other,

Darkness setting in early, the time of year, winter,

As I hopped onto the lift*,

Imagining an ascend, so swift,

Reflecting over the mundane happenings of the day,

Wondering what tomorrow would say,

Like having a mind of its own,

The lift refused to follow the commands shown,

With me inside, alone,

And its control panel letting a long groan,

Took me for a joy ride,

Ascending and descending of its own will, attempting to get out, many a buttons I vainly tried,

Controlling my panic, safety instructions I read,

And pressed the alarm bell, like it said,

The alert security personnel came running,

And my worries vanishing,

First they halted the mighty lift,

After a long time of mindless ascending and descending, it stopped remarkably swift,

And put in their valiant manual effort to prise open the door,

I was so near to getting out, unmindful of my destined floor,

Finally out came I,

Letting out a long sigh,

Happy of the help I got,

Thrilled of the adventure I never sought,

It was a day, the lift got wings,

And it had to be clipped, dreading a havoc, its playful joyride brings.

203 words.

Lift* :- also called an elevator.

Acknowledgements :- Written in response to Free verse revolution November Writing Prompt # 4. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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