2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

Reverberating joyful sounds,

Announcing birth of a child,

Thundering beats,

Celebrating every achievement made thereafter,

Deafening drum beats,

Heralding union of two souls,

Each turn taken,

Each stair climbed in this game,

Met with resounding affirmations,

Boosting morale,

Simultaneously deafening noises,

Chattering away in the head causing confusion, forcing a reverse turn,

Sometimes ear- piercing noise of others,

Would convince all efforts are in vain,

All the while a soft but sonorous voice within,

Affirming abilities,

Amidst booming noises I thrive each day,

Would silence play her tunes, while I leave this world for the next?

96 words.

Acknowledgements :- Written in response to SoCS Dec 14/19 and Fandango’s one word challenge(FOWC). The theme word of SoCS is various synonyms of the word loud and FOWC word is stairs. For rules please refer SoCS and FOWC. Thank you Linda.G.Hill and Fandango for running the respective challenges.Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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