The desolate building

Abandoned and damaged building. The vegetation is covering the building.
P.C :- Shutterstock

There, in the middle of,

A busy neighbourhood,

A desolate building,

Masses of overgrown bushes, creepers,

Trying to find their way,

Hurrying to cover a house that was once lived.

Daily on my commute,

I never miss to notice,

Various stories conjure in my mind’s eye,

Of people who once lived there,

Of families who addressed it their dear home,

Of kids happily chattering, playing,

Enjoying summer’s glory,

And wintery chills alike,

Of enjoying hot coffee on rainy afternoons,

And digging into a book, on those autumn evenings,

While nature planned to rejuvenate,

O! you forlorn building,

I hear your untold pain,

Don’t crumble in despair,

Someday, I’d want to come and hear your story,

Until then!

I’d conjure rosy pictures with you as the centre of attraction.

127 words.

Acknowledgements :- Written in response to FOWC daily word challenge. Thank you Fandango for running the challenge. The word of the day is daily. The challenge is to write a piece using the given word. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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