Beginnings don’t necessarily mark an end of something. They just mark a continuation of a process long initiated in cosmos.

Beginnings or endings are just our way of numbering or marking an event. Both invoke joy, happiness, excitement, sadness, parting of ways, in short pleasure and pain intertwined.

Few questions I’ve always pondered upon :-

Ending always follow a beginning, but would an ending guarantee a new beginning?

Is it beginnings that matter or a celebratory end?

Why does beginnings invoke joy and ending invoke sadness?

One thing’s for certain, without a beginning, none can attain their zenith.

Crow calls out to kin,

to share its find, is it be-

-ginning of an end?

113 words.

Acknowledgements :- Written in response to dVerse – Haibun prompt. The theme of the prompt is beginning and we are to write a Haibun on it. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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